EcoSystemOne, the parent of UniVirtual Academy, Is Awarded a Grant from the National Science Foundation
The grant will support the research and development of an instructor-friendly intelligent Virtual Reality (VR) platform for distance learning and STEAM education.

We are very excited to have partnered with Dr. Jan Plass and Dr. Bruce Homer of NYU to develop behavioural engagement tools for teachers and students in VR! Dr. Plass is the Chair in Digital Media and Learning Sciences at NYU. He is also the founding director of the CREATE (Consortium for Research and Evaluation of Advanced Technology in Education) and co-director of the Games for Learning Institute.

Our mission is to provide accessible and inclusive immersive education for school kids. With the help of VR, we unlock the power of 3D-immersive experiences to deliver an unparalleled sense of cognitive and perceptive presence. Through project-based activities built for groups, students learn to communicate and collaborate effectively, gain empathy, and practice leadership skills.

Our VR classrooms bring students together from different locations in the United States and, soon, across the world. Together, students learn through virtual creation of 3D stories and interactive quests. Current course offerings include Mission to Mars, Physics, Entrepreneurship and Biology. Inside our virtual classroom, participants co-create their own content that builds empathy, increases focus, and amplifies retention.

While the educational benefits of VR have been captivating educators for years, it currently requires substantial technical expertise to develop, edit, administer, and assess multiuser learning experiences in comparison to conventional e-learning platforms and videoconferencing. This gap presents a significant barrier to the wide adoption of VR for education.

We aim to democratize VR tools for instructors with any level of technical knowledge as well as provide adaptive learning opportunities and engaging delivery for students studying online. Our solution will significantly lower the technological barriers with ease of content creation, simple editing, intuitive live session administration, and a flexible framework of interchangeable instructional modules. Additionally, we equip our immersive multi-user platform with an easy-to-use learning engagement system, built to aid teachers with data-driven recommendations. Real-time recommendations will enable teachers’ deeper understanding of students’ behavioral profiles and will support the delivery of personalized learning paths in contrast to a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

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