What are the rules of living on Earth, and why are they important? Are we heading into an ecological disaster, and what can we do to reverse or slow down trends? If you catch yourself pondering these questions while daydreaming, this course is for you.

In this interdisciplinary course, students will tackle ecological, environmental, biological, and chemical questions to understand how various species living on Earth are interconnected with each other and their environments. Before coming up with solutions on how to save the environment, we want our students to gain an understanding of how things work and why.

In the first module, students will learn about elements in the ecological hierarchy and what different ecologists study. They will study what factors determine ecological activity in an ecosystem, how they impact biodiversity in different biomes throughout our planet, how energy flows through ecosystems, and how toxins accumulate in our food webs.


Prerequisite: Ecology Level 2
1 week
12-15 years
4-7 students
5 classes, 2 hours each
Students will review different elements in the ecological hierarchy: population, community, ecosystem, biome, and biosphere.

Students will discuss the factors of ecological systems and will understand what factors influence biodiversity on our planet.

Students will understand how we measure an ecosystem and what an energy flow through an ecosystem is.

Students will become familiar with food chain and energy chain concepts.

Students will learn about bioaccumulation of toxins and understand why toxin concentrations multiply with each trophic level.


Population, community, ecosystem, biome, and biosphere
Physiognomy of biomes
Ecosystem biomass and productivity
Trophic structure and trophic level
Food chain, food web, and energy chain
Bioaccumulation of toxins



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1 week camp
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  • Ecology Level 3
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2 week camp
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After completing this course, students may continue to Ecology Levels 2 and 3 as well as Biology Level 1.