Created by Stanford PhD, Marcos Rojas, this genetics class is a great opportunity to explore the structure and function of DNA, the basic principles of heredity, and genetic mutations.

Students will explore how living things use genetic information to transmit traits from generation to generation, how mutations can change genes and produce new traits, and how genotypic and phenotypic traits are passed down.

Other topics include the history of genetics, the implications of genetic engineering and biotechnology, and the power of using genetics to answer questions about ancestry and health.

Virtual hands-on activities will also be incorporated into the lesson plan, such as constructing models of DNA molecules or designing a mock family tree to illustrate the basics of heredity. Through this kind of engaging teaching, students will gain a better understanding of the science behind genetics and its implications in their lives.

Watch this video from the creator of this course.

About the creator of this course: Marcos Rojas is a physician who is currently doing his PhD work at Stanford. Throughout his education and professional career, he has worked on multiple educational projects and research. He is the founder of the Center for Teaching and Learning at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile.

Currently, he is a doctoral student at Stanford University's program in learning sciences and educational technology design. His research focuses on the use of VR/AR and AI in higher education and medical education. He is currently developing tools that use artificial intelligence for the improvement of clinical reasoning in health professionals.


1 week
13-16 years
4-7 students
5 classes


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