Remember when you had to choose between buying that new game or going to the movies with friends because you did not have enough money? That was an economic decision! In this interactive class you’ll learn & experience how transactions (goods and services) work, opportunity cost, government projects’s decisions, and more!
You’ll create stories where you buy and trade your way to economic success. Will you make your fortune or lose it all?

Students will explore these topics by contextualizing learning through the development of narratives that include the key concepts of economics. In all classes, students will practice 21st-century skills: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Students will create stories and learning games with role-play, simulate real or imaginary circumstances, present projects to peers, and reflect on lessons learned.
No prerequisites


$315, incl. headset rental
5 week course
12-15 years
4-6 students
Students will understand the key economics concepts and definitions: economy, economics, transactions, markets, buyers, and sellers, supply and demand.

Students will learn how to make economic decisions, and how different parties reach consensus by making trade-offs.

Students will learn how to present decisions with economic impact and analyze opportunity costs and benefits.


Economic decision and trade-off
Supply and demand
Economic specialization
Opportunity cost



1) Enroll in one weekly course at $315
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3) A 3-course (16-weeks) semester includes a final presentation with industry leaders
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1 Course
$315/ $50 per class

  • Economics Level 1
  • 5 classes – 5 weeks
  • 4-6 students in the group
  • Price includes Oculus Quest 2 rental
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1 Semester
$785 / $45 per class

Save $80
  • Economics Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 + final presentation
  • 16 classes – 16 weeks
  • 4-6 students in the group
  • Price includes Oculus Quest 2 rental
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Economics Level 1
Economics Level1 + Level2 + Level3
Pay $180 monthly over 4 months