Are you eager to become an entrepreneur? Want to be like Elon Musk or Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, when you grow up? Ready to bring your ideas to life but not sure how to start? Join our class to learn the skills it takes to become an entrepreneur.

In UniVirtual.Academy’s Introduction to Entrepreneurship course, students will analyze personal traits and behaviors associated with successful entrepreneurial performance and answer questions such as “What is entrepreneurship?” and “Who is an entrepreneur?” Students will learn about entrepreneurial discovery and gain hands-on experience identifying customer problems and formulating a value proposition for solving such problems. Students will analyze and provide feedback to demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurial planning.

Students will explore entrepreneurial topics by contextualizing their learning through the development of narratives that include key concepts of entrepreneurship. Students will create stories and learning games with role-play, simulate real or imaginary circumstances, present projects to peers, and reflect on lessons learned.
No prerequisites


5 week course
12-15 years
4-6 students
Students will understand the personal traits/behaviors associated with successful entrepreneurial performance.

Students will assess and determine opportunities for venture creation.

Students will learn how to identify a customer pain point and create a value proposition.

Students will learn how to communicate and analyze ideas and provide feedback about new products/services/ventures.


Entrepreneurial innovation
Value proposition Blindspots



Entrepreneurship Standards Module 1
Discovery: the process of generating ideas, recognizing opportunities and determining the feasibility of ideas.
A.01 Explain the need for entrepreneurial discovery
A.02 Discuss entrepreneurial discovery processes
A.03 Assess global trends and opportunities
A.04 Determine opportunities for venture creation
A.05 Assess opportunities for venture creation

Concept Development: the process for planning the venture, which includes identifying resources and strategies for a business plan
A.14 Assess the need to use external resources for concept development
A.12 Assess risks associated with venture
A.09 Describe entrepreneurial planning considerations
A.13 Describe external resources useful to entrepreneurs during concept development
Cognitive Skills Rubric
NGSS Science Practice 1: Asking Questions and Defining Problems
NGSS Science Practice 3: Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

CCSS English Language Arts;
Appendix A

Products and Presentations

Listening and speaking

Analysis and Synthesis
NGSS Science Practice 7: Engaging in Argument from Evidence
NGSS Science Practice 5: Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking
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  • 5 classes – 5 weeks
  • 4-6 students in the group
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