Mars has captured human imagination for centuries and has served as a setting for many science fiction novels. Scientists have looked to Mars as an unique resource, holding clues to the origin of the solar system as well as the potential for future colonization. Numerous autonomous satellites and rovers have been sent to the red planet. With each successful mission we learn more about our most accessible celestial neighbor.

Whether you dream of one day traveling to Mars or just want to learn more about our celestial neighbor, this course is for you. Did you know Mars is home to the largest volcano in the solar system? Or that it has a gigantic canyon 10 times wider and deeper than Earth’s Grand Canyon?

We will deep dive into Mars’ surface geography and unique tectonics, look at its ice caps, and talk about whether water was present on Mars before. We will learn about current explorations of Mars and how we may prepare for human travel there.
No prerequisites
12-15 years
4-6 students in group


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