In this course, students will learn some basic laws of physics, for example, Newton's laws of motion, and will learn to apply them in real-life and imaginary situation in space exploration.

Newton's laws of motion are the foundation of classical mechanics, one of the main branches of physics. Mechanics is the study of how objects move or do not move when forces act upon them.

You will apply what you learn in physics to space exploration challenges and will try to solve problems that NASA scientists had to tackle.

Let your imagination & creativity soar and transform yourself into a real space exploration entrepreneur and inventor as you work on your interactive 3D presentations with your team.
No prerequisites


6 weeks
12-15 years
5-7 students in group
1 Course
$300 / $50 per class

  • Physics & Space Exploration
  • 6 classes – 6 weeks
  • 6-7 students in the group
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