Research Classes Participation Terms and Conditions

Welcome to UniVirtual Academy LLC, together with its parent EcoSystemOne LLC referred to as the “Company”. By having your student participate in our Virtual Reality Classes, you, the Parent, agree to the below Terms and Conditions.

The Company has invited the Parent and his or her child (“Student”), who is a middle school student, to participate in Research classes (“Classes”) organized by the Company as a part of its NSF (National Science Foundation) research grant into the effectiveness of immersive (in Virtual Reality) middle school student education.

The aggregated findings of the research will be shared with a broader science and education community with an objective to enrich educational methodologies in the US and, ultimately, worldwide.

Your Student's participation in the Classes is a contribution to the field of education and we appreciate your commitment to attend all 8 weeks. Make-up classes are not available.

The Parent will be paid a total of $80 for his/her Student participation in all 8 classes, filling out 2 online surveys, and both Parent and Student participating in a 30min interview.

Parental consent
If the Student is under the age of 13, the Parent gives his/her parental consent for Student’s participation in the Classes.

To enable your Student to participate in the Classes, the Company provides the Parent with the Equipment (Oculus Quest 2 headset). The Company assures that the Equipment will be in good and working condition upon its delivery to the Parent.

The Parent assures that (s)he and the Student will use the Equipment in a good and careful manner and will comply with all manufacturer’s requirements and recommendations respecting the Equipment.

Should the Parent or Student damage or lose equipment, (s)he will repair it at her own expense or will reimburse the Company for the Equipment Value ($320 including taxes) within 10 days from the discovery of the equipment damage.

The Equipment is and will remain the property of the Company unless bought out by the Parent from the Company. Upon completion of the Classes, the Parent will return the Equipment to the Company in the original packaging and in a working condition to the Return Address (241 West 97th St, unit 14M, New York, NY 10025). The Company will provide the Parent with a prepaid shipping label.

Use of Equipment at own risk
The Parent agrees that the Student will use Equipment at his or her own risk. The Company bears no responsibility if the Student falls down or gets dizzy or otherwise feels unwell as a result of using the Equipment.

Commitment to participate in the interview
Both Parent and Student agree to participate in one 30min interview between January 22 and March 27, 2022.

Consent to photo and video content production and dissemination
The Company has a right to record videos and shoot photos of the Classes or interviews and has a right to distribute those videos on its website and its social media.

Dates/times of the classes
You have registered to one of these time slots:
Sundays 7pm EST (4pm PST) - dates: Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27
Sundays 1pm EST (10am PST) - dates: Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 13
Sundays 3pm EST (12am PST) - dates: Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 13

We are adding more classes all the time, so if you don't see your time slot, just let us know and we'll update this document.