Classes start end of december
in OUR v.1 platform launch
for only $10 down
We are planning to re-open with the new interactive design and new assets in the Winter-Spring of 2022-23 and expand our reach to teens from diverse communities around the US and the World.

Today, we offer a 20% discount (a $60 value) on a future semester-long "Astrophysics and Mission to Mars” Virtual Reality course (10 classes) for a prepayment of only $10.
You have an option to choose any other course on our website Univirtual.Academy

Mission to Mars is an interactive, teacher-led synchronous course, designed for small groups of 12-15 years old teens. There are no prior requirements and no previous VR experience is needed. We offer rental headsets if the student does not own an Oculus headset.

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Will see you in class!

Dear EcoSystemOne and UniVirtualAcademy community, friends of friends, and curious guests
Surface geography
Radial crack
Polarized ice caps


Students will understand how Mars is similar to Earth and how it is unique and why scientists believe life is possible on Mars.

Students will learn about Mars’ historical and contemporary geography, tectonics, and chemical composition.

Students will become familiar with the current research and preparations for future Mars explorations, including those to send humans to Mars.